The Underachiever - feat. Hunter Madison

from by Pacifists

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They want me to end at the start
of what I've began
Blunt forces keep me under the surface
Of what I've become
I'll prove you all wrong
Casually is I spit in your fucking face
I'm starting to get sick
Of all these people pretending
Like they mean something
Because they're just pretentious
I don't think they heard what I said but we're gonna fucking crowdkill until we send the message
I don't know about a you but I've had it up to here
With this childish bullshit Low key accusations
in one ear and out the fucking other stop saying that we're brothers cause it's like we want to fucking kill each other
Fuck you I'm so fucking done with you
Talk shit all you want because I'm off to kill you
It's like my mind is been spliced to buy a drill
We're going down
We're going straight for the kill
Plummeting to the bottom of my psyche under the current of who I am
My ego dies as I realize what I've become my eyes spread wide open I brace myself
Spiraling through the darkness I'm tired of being what you want me to fucking be
There's no such thing as a god anymore as my nails dig into the concrete
I've come to terms I'm tripping balls
I'm sick of being me i'm hurting everyone and when I think about it I don't even give a fuck
i'm sick of everything
I hate everyone
And the best part is that I don't even give a fuck
I don't give a fuck about any of you
You don't give two fucks about any of you
So What's the point
All hands on fucking deck
You're just as guilty as me
You're Just as filthy as me
You're just as violent as me
So fucking hurt like me
You're just as spineless as me
But not as spite filled as me
I can't believe I got fucked over by a snake like you
Anger grips what is left of my subconscious
I won't be pushed under the weight of my thoughts this time
I will overcome my self doubt by staying true to who I am
I hate you you hate me this is one violent fucked up family
resides in my conscience and of the Holy Spirit of the father
Evil lives inside of every single cell I want to kill a slut
Every single fucking bastard father Retched son and fucking filthy daughter
Hatred and I are infused
Fuck Jesus Christ and fuck his holy word
None of it's real
It's really blows my fucking mind that people believe in that stupid shit
Satan lives inside of me


from 'Low Standards' Split, released April 1, 2017



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Pacifists Santa Rosa, California

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